Shared Frequencies

Shared Frequencies is an online community radio station started in early 2019 in Austin. We mostly stream local DJs, but also host multiple other artists as well. Check out our website or our Instagram.

My roles include technical expert, creative director, graphic artist, and much more. Shared Frequencies has become a catch-all creative outlet for me.

Before I could get too creative, I had to design the studio space and the signal flow.

The audio and video run into a PC. The PC runs TouchDesigner, realtime visual processing software, and OBS, a streaming software. The live video streams to our Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and website.

I find myself doing all kinds of things for the station, from graphic design to resident DJ to studio manager to new talent outreach.

I also took it upon myself to push a cohesive creative direction for the station, which is something I had never really done before. Branding is a mysterious and powerful field, and I wanted to get my feet wet. I spent time creating covers for Mixcloud, building up social media style guides with our intern (who joined the team soon after), and creating whatever other content was needed.